Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OK, Sawx fans: Defend THIS

See, I can't get more than 15 minutes past complimenting the Sox organization before I stumble upon this:

Police said Robert Correia of Falmouth and several others attacked a driver with a baseball bat Friday night after spotting New York license plates on the man's vehicle and believing he was a Yankees fan.

The victim, whose name was not released yesterday, was stuck in traffic with children in his car as he left the Falmouth fireworks at 153 Worcester Court.

Correia and others approached the vehicle at about 10 p.m., police said. According to police, members of the group accused the driver of supporting the New York baseball team and proceeded to attack him and vandalize his car.

The victim was transported to Falmouth Hospital with injuries that were not considered life threatening, police said.

He sustained injuries to his head and his body, police said.

Nice work, Sox Nation. Beat a guy with his kids in the car. Good job. You should be proud.

SOSH, I know this is not representative of the 'Nation, but boy oh boy, this doesn't help the image, does it? And yes, I know there are equally lunkheaded Yanks fans, but this is today's news. When our crap-for-brains guys do something similarly pathetic and dangerous, I'll call them out in the same way!


tadthebad said...


This actually happened on Cape Cod after a town fireworks display, and the locals are more outraged than you. The popular sentiment among all Cape towns is that there is no defending this guy. Complete and utter moron. The follow-up story of this idiot's day in court reported that the victim's kids were actually in the car behind him, and that the victim actually got out of his car to engage the perpetrator. No matter, though, as there is no place for initiating a fight with people b/c their license plate is from NY.

I was happy to learn, 1) the victim was not critically injured with life-threatening injuries, and 2) the judge did not allow the perp to post bail due to the random, violent nature of the attack. This 20-year old dope needs to be sent away for a long time...some people don't deserve freedom.

Jason said...


Thanks for that update.

Here's the thing: I actually LOVE Boston, the city. My wife went to school there. I got engaged by Fanuiel (sp?) Hall. I worked there for a year. I was just raised in NY/NJ so I grew up in a Yanks house so rooting against the Sox is as 2nd nature as breathing. Though, I try to keep a bit above the caveman blind homerism that's out there.

I wholeheartedly agree with your two "happy to learn" points as well.

I will say this, though: I have a small black NY decal on my rear driver's side window, maybe 6" big. On a black car, it's barely noticable. But with the NY plates and the NY decal, I was actually told by some of my work peers that "maybe you should garage it" rather than leave it parked in an outside spot (behind the brownstones off Newbury Street).

Mark said...

Jason, if you allegedly "know" this isn't representative of all us Red Sox fans, then why create such an obnoxious headline in the first place? And why would you rationally expect anyone, anywhere, any time, to defend it?

I have to say, being lumped in with all the Sawx fans you love to bash is getting a little old for me. I am a perfectly normal fan, and so if every other Sox fan I have ever met, anywhere. None of the people involved in the incidents you enjoy reporting on are Sox fans, sports fans, or even fans. They're idiots, using fandom as a shield for their obnoxious, antisocial behavior. Yes, "Yankees suck" is heard at every game at Fenway when the Bombers are in town, but we all know that this was preceded by literally decades of "Boston sucks" chants when the Red Sox visited the Bronx.

And before I get labeled as a complete nut, I want to relate a story about my second visit to Yankee Stadium, which was in June of 2002 (it was this ugly game, as it happens: http://www.retrosheet.org/boxesetc/2002/B06010NYA2002.htm). I was there with a bunch of freinds who had all attended the same wedding in April. We were all wearing our Sox caps, and sitting just about as far from home plate as you can get: right up against the back wall, just to the right of the black seats. I would say about a third of the bleacher creatures that day were rooting for the Sox. One group would cheer for their team and get razzed for it, and then the other group would cheer and then get razzed for that. There was no swearing, no fighting, just a lot of fun between both sides. Other than the score of the game, it's one of the best times I've had at the park.

Jason said...


No need to be so sensitive. I still love ya!

As for all the bashing, it's a two way street and I've grown quite immune to it. Now that you guys are on top, you get to enjoy the slings and arrows from the rest of us.

But, seeing as you are a loyal reader and therefore knowing how I do my best to paint my own team as fairly as I can, I will take your words into consideration and dial it down a notch with regards to Sawx fans.

Lastly, as I have said, I love Boston. I enjoy Fenway. I've sat on the Monster. I've sat in the private boxes above. I've sat along the first base side. Loved it. And while I might mock the Sawx fans for things like their accents and over-the-top antics, one thing I have always respected is their knowledge and passion.

It's a shame that people hide behind fandom, as you so nicely put.

Mark said...


Your right, it is a shame, and not just becuase I get lumped in with these maroons when they go on an attention-getting rampage.

One more anecdote about that ugle game in the Bronx my friends and I suffered through. We actually, honestly, had to leave early (just before El Guapo beaned Jeter and Enrique Wilson -- Enrique Wilson! -- hit a grand slam), and getting hooted mercilessly by the Yank fans in the bleachers as we slunk away was no fun at all.

Less fun was the reason: we had to pick up my friend's wife's dog from the groomer. No, we didn't consider explaining our hasty exit; that would only have made it worse. :-)

Eric said...

it really is too bad that a rivalry that has been so fun to watch over the last 5 years can spill over into such idiotic ... i dont know what you call it.. a meltdown?

it makes me nuts. as a red sox fan i realize that we can be insufferable and most reasonable yankee fans will admit the same.

honestly, what was this guy thinking? that he was doing something RSN would be proud of?


Jason said...


Koombaya, my man. We're in total agreement. We can be rivals without resorting to madness and violence.