Wednesday, July 9, 2008

...And starting for the AL All Stars...

It might not be the Voice of God making the opening call (it will likely be Jim Hall, his long time understudy and virtual sound-alike), but there seems to be some groundswell to have the Yanks closer, Mo Rivera, start the All Star Game on Tuesday night as a tribute to his success.

I first thought it was a hairbrained idea --maybe it still is-- but I am warming to it. I didn't discuss it yesterday when I first heard about it, but after giving it some time to marinate, I think it would be great.

Unorthodox? You betchya, but with Tito Francona selecting 6 relief pitchers, who cares about convention. Of course, it'd have to be Tito's "call" to honor a Yankee in Yankee Stadium. It would be a magnanamous move. I like Klapish's take:

...the real way to commemorate Yankee Stadium in what could be its final marquee event is to let Rivera start the game: Allow him to bask in the thunderous standing ovation, and let him know what it feels like to have a million flashbulbs go off in his face upon delivery of that first cut fastball.

Unconventional? It's almost surreal. But Rivera himself says, "
I'm sure the fans would love it. They'd go crazy."

The theory behind this heresy goes like this: The 2008 All-Star Game isn't your typical Midsummer Classic. The very reason it's being staged in the Bronx is to bid an official farewell to Yankee Stadium, which is being replaced by a new structure in 2009.
I say: DO IT! I'm all for the wild, crazy, great moments in sports. Let's see it happen!


Osmodious said...

On Sunday's Baseball Tonight, Yankeehater John Kruk, of all people, suggested this...and he had an interesting twist on the idea. Since Kazmir will be starting on Sunday and therefore pretty useless on Tuesday, name him as the official starter. Have him warm up, but just as first pitch is going to happen, go out there and get the ball and crank up 'Enter Sandman'. He made a good point that it is the ENTRANCE that is going to drive the fans bonkers...if he's just standing out there on the mound, it's not quite the same thing.

Jason said...

Man, I love that Ewok (Kruk). That would be pretty damn awesome.

As one who will be there, I'd go crazy!