Thursday, July 17, 2008

WARNING: Rumors abound

I think it's B.S., but who knows: Source: Bonds-Yankees Deal Imminent

The incentive-laden deal, being hammered out between Bonds' agent Jeff Borris and general manager Brian Cashman, will well exceed the major league $200,000 minimum but has a number of protective clauses to isolate the Yankees' exposure to the possibility of Bonds missing time due to legal distractions or recurring injury, the source said.
Adding Bonds to the Yanks would be like the USA having a massive bonfire made up of unused grains, gas, cash and coal and broadcasting it to the 3rd World Nations with a picture of Ted Kennedy and The Steinbrenner Trio mooning everyone.

"See, we're big, we're bad, and we don't give a crap what you think since you hate us anyways."

My head hurts.

Now, I spoke (via email) with the esteemed Tim Dierkes of and he hadn't heard of this source and questioned the dollar amount as that's not a league minimum (I asked if that could be a pro-rated portion). We're waiting to see if the MSM picks up on this.

I can hear Murray Chass grinding his teeth right now about those irresponsible bloggers!

UPDATE (3:30pm): With the Yanks signing Richie Sexson, this makes the Bonds rumors a load of hooey.

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