Thursday, July 31, 2008


Manny's a Dodger and I couldn't be happier.

Jason Bay is a fine ballplayer, a great guy to root for. He plays hard, plays the right way. Boston should love this guy. But, as an opponent, I am thrilled. Like Drew, Bay isn't a guy you have to completely fear or gameplan around. Solid guys but not game-changers.

Wonder what's gonna happen to Andruw Jones, Pierre, etc.??? What a logjam in the OF! I bet Manny thinks he'll play DH.

Kurkjian just said that Boston was afraid that Manny wouldn't play the rest of the year, therefore they made this deal happen. Looks like we were headed for "Operation Shutdown, Part II". That woulda been fun.

Sox gave up a lot to dump Manny. Craig Hansen, Brandon Moss and Manny... just to get Jason Bay for a year and a half. Seems pricey, but I know they must be using the old "addition by subtraction" mantra.


Chris Heer said...

My initial reaction was the same, but I am less certain now.

Manny this year so far: .299/.398/.529 (OPS+ 140).

Bay this year so far: .282/.375/.519 (OPS+ 135).

Plus Bay is cheaper and better defensively. Yeah, they had to give up Moss and Hansen, but I don't think either were part of their long-term overall, I think the Red Sox did well.

E-5 said... least we weren't dumb enough to get this team killer...always was...always will be.

tadthebad said...

To be fair and accurate, Manny wasn't a "team killer" until this year. But he made up for lost time and really did his best to get traded. Part of me hates that he got what he wanted (a la Schilling's take) and the other part of me is happy he's gone. Great, great hitter who was great for the Sox. But man, what a pain-in-the-ass he had become.

Obviously, the hope is that the "add/sub" mantra proves true given the volume of players and money shipped out, but who knows? Regardless, I like the move.

Good post Jason.

Jason said...


With all due respect, the Sox did NOT do well. They gave away two major league ready players, Manny Ramirez and $7million, all for Jason Bay. That's overpaying by any stretch.

Bay's a fine player, one any team would love to have, but as I mentioned, not one other teams scheme to defend.

Could he explode in Boston? Yep. Could he implode, too? Yep.

Still, they gave away two ready prospects, and Hansen was their #1 and eventual closer until Papelbon asked for the role back, to get rid of Manny.

AL GM's are rejoicing.

Tad, that's my dad talking and he has always hated Manny. He's a sucker for guys who play the right way. He's hasn't been a team killer; he's won 2 WS and was the MVP of one of them. But this year, he took things way too far.

And now Torre and his 5 outfielders can have fun figuring out PT.

themarksmith said...

You talk as if Hansen will automatically be good. I agree that the Red Sox gave up a lot to get Bay, but you forget that they can re-sign him with no problem. Add the short porch in left, and Bay will likely be pretty damn good. At Manny's age, he could break down in a year. Bay more likely won't. Boston needed a young power bat, and they got that in Bay. Moss and Hansen might be good in their careers, but I don't think the Red Sox made a terrible move.

tadthebad said...

I think you over-estimate the value of Hansen and Moss. Still a lot to part with, so you gotta figure the length of control was a big was the Sox desire to get rid of him.

Plus, I think you're focused on Manny's performance against the Yankees, which has continued to be dominant. Big picture: Manny is no longer "other-worldly".

Jason said...

Maybe I am overestimating the price of Hansen and Moss, but in today's game, those young, nearly-ready, cheap, controllable players are worth more than a mere throw-in. Who knows how good they will be. Moss projects as a AAAA outfielder, maybe a regular on a team like the Pirates. Hansen was the Sox #1 pick in 2006 (I think), so clearly he has the upside to perform.

Manny is on the decline and Bay still has a few years before we can say that. However, Bay had a few down years before popping up again this year.

But, until he proves himself on the big Boston stage, Bay will be less "scary" than Manny.

Whoever signs Manny for a 3 year deal after this is asking for issues (and a pink slip before the end of the contract)

themarksmith said...

What down years are you talking about? He had one after three pretty darn good years. I think he's worth the risk. Sorry, I'm a big Bay fan, and I'm kinda ticked that the Pirates ownership nixed our deal. Stupid ... stupid ... can't blame them too much ... stupid.