Sunday, July 13, 2008

Images of FanFest 2008

Here are some pictures from our day at FanFest 2008. My apologies about some of the graininess; the lighting wasn't great so the flash had no impact on any picture taken from any real distance.

Me and the Queen of ESPN/the Blogosphere (PS: she couldn't have been any nicer)

My boys and Erin (they'll thank me later. Also, that's a 2003 National League All Star jersey, #5 Pujols)

A few jerseys from the Hall Of Fame exhibit:

World Series trophy 2008

From the Thurman Munson auction:

My boys at one of the clinics (the guy in the light blue polo is Fred Lynn)

Artist Charles Fazzino's ceremonial bases that will be on the field during the HR Derby Monday night:

And some other shots from the day (2nd picture is Whitey Ford):

: We met reporter Willie Bans from while we were having our own baseball cards made up (my name on the card: Pudge McBadknees, catcher #15) and he was kind enough to include us in his article:
Meanwhile, Jake, 8, and Zach, 5, posed in Yankees jerseys for photos to be placed on their own baseball cards.

"Mine's going on my desk," Jake said.

Their father, Jason, also had a baseball card made for himself, and was also impressed by the amount of memorabilia at FanFest.

"I don't think they're quite as into the historical stuff," Jason said. "But there's something for everybody, really."

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