Monday, July 28, 2008

Rewind: He's The Golden Goose

In honor of Goose Gossage's (belated) election to the HOF, here's an oldie but goodie from's Vault, dated 9/29/80:

Every time Relief Pitcher Rich (Goose) Gossage steps out of the Yankees' pinstriped bullpen car, the New York fans greet him with a fence-rattling ovation. Cranked up by the noise of the crowd and the pressure of the situation, Gossage goes right to work, winning through intimidation. At 6'3", 217 pounds, he takes a slump-shouldered Incredible Hulk stance on the mound and scowls at the hitter. Then he uncorks a 95-100-mph fastball that baffles the batters, even though they're fully expecting it.
The bullpen car?!?!? Remember that? No "Enter Sandman" and a jog in from the bullpen. A ride in a car. Too bad that idea died.

"even though they're fully expecting it"... sounds awfully like Mo and his cut fastball. They know it's coming yet he'll be in the HOF next to Goose because people can't hit it.

And testimony to his durability and ability to pitch more than 1 inning per outing:
Gossage seems indefatigable when he pitches, throwing up one blazer after another, but even he has his limits. He woke up so tired on Sept. 13 after working six times in eight days that he couldn't lift his right arm. But he's fine now; witness his performances last week when he threw 2 innings of one-hit ball to preserve a 5-4 win against Toronto and completed the last two innings of both Luis Tiant 's 2-1 and Ron Guidry 's 3-0 triumphs over Boston. Explaining why he hadn't ordered a sacrifice bunt in the ninth inning of the Tiant game, Red Sox Manager Don Zimmer said, "I ain't bunting off a guy throwing at 100 mph."
Congrats, Goose.

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