Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Farewell to Farnsworth

So the (former) object of my disdain is gone.

Ironically, Farnsworth has been pitching damn well lately. Figures.

Just watched the interview with Farnsworth and you can tell there had been tears shed. He clearly wanted to stay and prove himself.

But, this is a trade the Yanks had to make. Getting Pudge is huge, considering the financial tail is short. The only concern that I have is if the Yanks offer him arbitration, will he accept? If he does, then what? If not, we get those draft picks. I love the deal.

But, who will catch for Detroit? Will Farnsworth close?

More later, but I'm on deadline!


Osmodious said...

I'm a little in shock over this one, as are the 7 people I've told. It doesn't help that none of us has ever particularly liked Pudge (he's the *enemy*, dammit!).

Personally, I wasn't too keen on screwing with the chemistry of this bullpen before the Marte acquisition, now I am *really* not happy. As to catchers, we've got the best defensive catcher in the league this year, and a backup that works incredibly well with our young pitchers...why do we need anything more offensively from them?

I hate this constant Yankee need to have a .300+ power hitting old guy at every single makes no sense, and it flat out does NOT work. The best teams are never built like that, and the single best team of all time, the 1998 Yankees, was nowhere close to that.

Trading away fairly young talent that is performing well for fairly old (or *really* old) 'talent' that is fading fast has not been a recipe for success the past 8 seasons, why would it start being one now?

Mark said...

Jason, I knew you'd be dancing the dance of joy over this one. I just had to come by and say congratulations.

Except, who will be left to hate after Ponson gets crushed by a falling piece of Skylab or something?

Jason said...

Os, the bullpen has been solid and so has Farnsy lately. But tell me, do you ever feel comfortable with him on the hill? Especially in October? I don't. Didn't, sorry.

He was always enough of a hothead that worried me that other teams would throw at Jeter/ARod/someone as retaliation for some stupid move Farnsy did. (Guess he rubbed off on Edwar today, huh?)

The age we acquired is short term and we have youth emerging in the bullpen.

This is a plug, a bandaid on one of the bigger concerns for the Yanks.

I love Molina's defense but he just is a deadspot in the lineup. Pudge at least hits for average with modest pop. Molina should not be a starting C for a team with playoff hopes.

Has Pudge's defense declined precipitiously? I don't know. I have to check the defensive stats. I still think he's pretty good.

I think this is a very good move for NY.

And Mark, thanks for dropping by to extend the thoughts.

Now, if only Cashman can dump Ponson, I can breath easier. The moves of the last week has restored some of my lost faith in Cashman as a result of Ponson.

I'm a bit scrambled today but will try to put something more cogent together later tonite.

Thanks for dropping by!