Monday, July 14, 2008

Sad state of ticket costs

Amen, Phil Munchnick, amen. I've griped about this for a while but it's great to see such great coverage by a major outlet.

It's new ballpark gentrification: Throw out or move the moderately wealthy and replace them with the indiscriminate stinking rich and corporate buys. So long, folks, and thanks for all you've done for us all these years, you suckers. Arrive home safely and don't come back.

The staggering price of tickets the Yanks and Mets will charge next year is the kind of story that's not easily ignored, unless you try very hard - or simply don't care because it's not your misfortune.
This is the real cost of the new ballparks in Queens and the Bronx. The regular Joes and Janes won't be able to take a family of four there for under a few hundred dollars, unless they get lucky enough to get them from work or a very wealthy friend. And if you want good seats, fuhgeddaboutit. You gotta know a guy who knows a guy, ya know.

I'll tell ya, I'm not looking to buy tickets for next year. If I get them from a Wall Street friend, great. Otherwise, we'll just watch them on the big flat screen I invested in rather than hand over that cash to Lonn Trost & Co.

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Carl the Big Fool said...

It should surprise no one that the most popular seats at the Nationals' ballpark are the $5 and $10 seats in the upper deck. The seats behind home plate ($300/pop) and the outfield seats (varying degrees of overpriced, from $27 to $65) are frequently empty. Nats' management vastly overestimated the market for high-priced tickets. Apparently the Yankees and Mets will learn nothing from this.