Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gammons gets it!

Gammons declares it's "all about the money" with Manny!!! If Gammons has turned on Manny, the rest of the RSN probably has, too.

Manny being Manny means Manny wanting money. He doesn't want to wait for the Red Sox to exercise the right he gave them for the first $168M, the right to decide at the end of the season whether to pick up his option for 2009 at $20M. The Red Sox fulfilled their end of the contract; now he doesn't want to fulfill his obligation, the same way he watched his teammates fade in 2006.

He knows that this winter -- when he's 36, turning 37 next May -- he has a better chance of scoring the four-year, $100M deal he has told teammates he can get than he will after the 2010 season, when he'll be 38 turning 39. He doesn't want to have to sweat for two years at a measly $20M, and everyone knows that he couldn't care less how he gets that $100M, even if it means sitting out and leaving "family" fighting it out without him.

Expect that Manny's still hitting like, well, Manny.


Osmodious said...

Jason, I was thinking the same thing initially...Gammons has given up on him, finally.

But then a thought occurred to me...this might be Gammons' way of attempting a last-ditch 'intervention' kind of thing. He's trying to get Manny to see the error of his ways.

Gammons has always come across to me as the kind of guy who is the very, very last to give up hope, especially in players he really likes (and he really likes Manny). So the harsh words ring, to me anyway, as an attempt to get Manny to understand the incredible stupidity of his current course.

All I know for sure is this: I'm walking around muttering 'please trade Manny' under my breath (for about 58 hours now). I really expect it to blow over...like it *always* does (petulant little *(&^@#@^%& that Manny is, people still forgive him)...but hope that this time it truly is the last time.

Jason said...

Me too, Os, me too.

The sooner Manny is gone from the Sox, the better the Yanks will feel (and TB, too, I am guessing).

PS: you gotta shoot me your email

Mark said...

I'm sure the Sox are sick of Manny's mouth, and equally sure it'll be a while before they're sick of his year-in/year-out .900 OPS. They'll make a few calls, see what anybody offers, and try not to let their giggling be heard over the phone.

They're not stupid. Manny may or may not have finally worn out his welcome (it seems like that phrase may have been used already), but he isn't going anywhere unless they get back a LF slugger type.

So unless they work some three-team deal where they dump Manny on the Dodgers or something and get back Adam Dunn (whom I cannot believe nobody seems to want), then count me out. I'm not Manny's buddy or his teammate, someone who has to work with him, or even someone who's required to care what he does when he's not playing baseball.

And since this current round of MSM-driven outrage resulted from some dumb interview he gave over the weekend, and not after he knocked a 64 year old man to the ground, I feel comfortable sitting this one out.

Jason said...

I agree, I can't understand the complete avoidance of Adam Dunn.