Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cano looking good

From Kevin Long, Yanks hitting coach:

Robinson Cano met with Long in November, working out in the Dominican Republic and continuing the adjustments that the hitting coach suggested late in the season. Cano had hit rock bottom in terms of frustration, and only a September surge helped him raise his average to .271.

With Long's help, Cano has reduced movement at the plate, tweaks that remain constant in the overhauled stance that will be on display next month. But Long said he was blown away by other changes Cano has made, hiring a personal trainer to help reduce his body fat and add muscle for the year ahead.

The trip to the Dominican went above and beyond what I expected," Long said. "Really, I just expected to go out there and see where he was from an offensive standpoint and mechanically, and mentally talk to him about his game plan for winter ball.

To go out there and see what kind of shape he was in was a pleasant surprise, to say the least. He's worked hard to get himself in shape and get himself looking like a top-notch ballplayer."
We can only hope he shows that dedication and resumes his ascention to becoming a top AL 2B.

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