Friday, January 2, 2009

Don't blame the Yanks

Another belated link, this one from Russ at Splice. Remember, before reading, that Russ is a Sox fan and hates the Yanks. He kicks it off in grand fashion:

Friends, Americans and baseball fans around the globe, lend me your eyes: I’m writing to praise the New York Yankees, not to bury them.

Don’t misinterpret this message, for my Yankee-hating bona fides are second to no one. Over the decades, I’ve cursed Mantle and Munson, Martin and Maris, Jeter and Giambi, Posada and Pepitone, Reggie and Rocket, Tito and Torre, and Dent and Damon. There’s a particular loathing for Paul O’Neill, YES yes-man Michael Kay, Mike Mussina and, it hardly bears repeating, the most odious athlete of this era, Alex Rodriguez, aka A-Fraud. As a Red Sox fan I’ve been threatened and punched by creeps at Yankee Stadium, endured slings and arrows and misfortune from skunks in the stands, and once gave my sons permission to give a bow-tied afternoon drunk the finger after he hooted at my wife for the crime of cheering a David Ortiz blast into the right field seats.

Nevertheless, the recent commotion from baseball media commentators—in print, on the tube, online and at parties—after the Yankees signed free agent Mark Teixeira for $180 million has been the most knee-jerk, na├»ve and plain dumb hyperbole that’s occurred in the past year.
The Yankees are ruining Major League Baseball! The Steinbrenners Hal and Hank (and GM Brian Cashman) don’t play fair! Locking up three players—aside from Teixeira, they nabbed C.C. Cheeseburger and A.J. Burnett—for a total of $423.5 million is unseemly during a crippling recession and the world’s most famous sports franchise is once again spitting at
people with prudence and manners!

What a load of hooey.

What he said.


Mark said...

This Sox fan sez: ditto. I'll always joyfully hate the Yankers, but they're doing what teams should always be doing -- and what few enough teams bother to do -- they're making themselves better.

Doug said...

A defense of high-spending ways from a Red Sox fan - I'm shocked, shocked I say.

Just not compelled.

Both ends of the extreme (Marlins and Yankees) are bad for the game as a whole.