Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sox adding Smoltz, Baldelli

Given this off-season, given the team making the signings, I think these are good moves for the Sox. These are the "Lieber contract" guys, like the Sox already did with Brad Penny, that big market teams can afford to do. The risks are purely financial and over-priced for the smaller market teams, but perfect for the Sox and Yanks. Short term financial risks. Good moves.

It didn't work last year for the Sox in Bartolo Colon, but who knows with Smoltz? I'll tell ya what, I'd bet on Smoltz a thousand times more often than I would on Colon. Smoltz might be the most competitive man in the game, from all accounts. I'd take that risk.

As for Baldelli, this is a total no-brainer. He's a hometown guy who seems to be turning the corner on this health issue he's been suffering from. He's only 27 and while the contract appears to be just a 1 year deal, if Baldelli can get back on the field and make an impact, I am sure he'd want to stay in Boston.

But don't fool yourself, my Boston fans. These are big market moves. Don't try to paint yourselves as a small, scrappy market. You are a financial behemoth. Don't try to hide what is true. Risks like Smoltz and Baldelli are precisely the moves that you (and the Mets, Angels, Yanks, etc.) should be making.


tadthebad said...

The Sox are a financial behemoth, but the Yanks still dwarf that...give voice to that reality.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

I really need a hug.