Monday, January 26, 2009

Who knew: BRUT, For Men

Someone must be an editor as a day job or just wayyyy too much time on their hands:

These are things that let me know the photo was taken in The Bronx. But the most common background item--the one that makes you recognize Yankee Stadium instantly, is the Brut sign. Above the bleachers, all around the outfield, between the electronic message boards, are ads. Each section of frieze has a corresponding panel below it. The Brut sign took up two panels in left field. It was a picture of a cologne bottle, and in big, black, bold, capital letters, the word Brut.

There was something about that sign--the way it snuck in to the posed pictures so often. It couldn't be missed. The other signs were sometimes visible, but a big, short word was most likely to be recognized. Unless you've got a very distinct logo, nobody's gonna recognize your ad way in the blurry background; BRUT had the power to bust through.
Click thru for the pictures. Worth the visit.


e-5 said...

HIM is disappointed with #6. You take the $, you hate your Boss, you take more $ just shut up!!!

Josh said...

As a former card collector, this post was absolutely priceless. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!