Monday, January 26, 2009

Sheets an option?

If the "cost" to the Yanks is merely a 4th round pick plus salary/bonus to land Ben Sheets, I continue to say that's a worthwhile risk.

While the Rangers have met twice with Sheets, the Yankees are one of a few teams considering the talented righthander. Sheets has provided a second medical report for teams to review but it isn't known how it differs from the first. His market has been slow despite a career full of accomplishments.
If Sheets would take a "prove it" contract (say $5m guaranteed this year plus incentives with a $12m team option for 2010), that'd be a great thing for the Yanks. It's not dissimilar to the Smoltz/Penny contracts the Sox just signed. Or, as I have referred to them, "Lieber contracts". The Yanks are already eyeballs deep in risk; Sheets' risk would add little more at little financial burden.

If you told me that Sheets and Joba would combine for 300 good innings behind CC, Burnett and Wang, with Hughes and others filling in the rest, I'd be pretty excited.

I remain disappointed in Pettitte. I'm not riding him out of town on a rail, but I am disappointed in his stance. The only thing teams "owe" its players is the number on the contract. The other stuff (respect, etc.) must be earned from both sides. Pettitte was hugged by the organization last year, right after the Mitchell Report was released. And despite his claims, he did have a mediocre year and a lousy 2nd half. For him to say last year that he was only interested in signing with the Yanks and it wouldn't be about the money and to now have him holding out due to money is just disappointing.

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