Monday, January 5, 2009

Hell hath no fury

Hell hath no fury for he who slanders Cashman... or at least does so with the flimsiest of arguments, horrible fact-checking and perhaps the lamest profile photo ever (that's him to the right, folks).

The source of the angst comes from LoHud's guest blogger today, the now infamous Sam I Am (aka Mr. Mute Point). I won't dignify anything by blockquoting. Just have at it.

Whatever the reason, it's worth a read. That is, if you're planning on going out and getting in a brawl in the next 20 minutes and need something stronger than loud Metallica, Jagermeister and piles of cocaine to get you fired up for a round of fisticuffs.


Anonymous said...

What the f*%k was Pete Abe thinking, letting this dipsh*t "pinch hit"??? What a shoddy piece of sh*t this guy wrote. He was completely off base with most of what he said. It's great to be able to blow your opinion all over the net, but at least have an educated point of view.

BTW, you're right about the photo too.

Jay said...

It's sort of like having Justin Christian pinch hit for A-Rod.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Anon, I contacted Pete Abe about ME handling one of his "pinch hitting" posts but I got to him a bit too late, sadly.