Monday, January 12, 2009

In honor of Rickey

So Rickey's in. In honor of it all, here are some of the ESPN writers "favorite Rickey moment", including one from Steve Phillips:

During that 1999 season, we unfortunately fired some coaches in June. The day after the firings, a writer approached Henderson and asked him what he thought about Tom Robson (the fired hitting coach). Henderson's response was, "Who is that?" The writer explained it was the hitting coach, and Henderson said, "Oh, was that his name?"
Better yet, Jim Caple debunks one of the greater Rickey stories:
Olerud, of course, always wore a helmet on the field because of a past brain aneurysm, and according to the story, Henderson supposedly went up to him and said, "You know, there was a guy on my last team who wore a helmet all the time, too." And Olerud supposedly replied, "Yeah, that was me." It's a great story, except it never happened. It was started as a joke by a Mets clubhouse employee and just spread from there. Repeat: It never happened. But the beauty of the story, as Olerud said when I asked him about it, is that it sure sounded like something Henderson would say.

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