Thursday, January 29, 2009

Days until P&C report: 15

Because I am a Munson fan, I'm happy to send you over to FackYouk to check out a nice collection of thoughts, facts and moments about Thurman Munson. Reading this still gives me the chills:

On the approach to the runway, Munson dropped the flaps, but waited too long before giving the plane more power, which resulted in the Cessna Citation I/SP coming up well short of the intended target. Munson had failed to fasten his shoulder strap, was paralyzed during the initial impact and trapped inside the cockpit when the plane finally came to a rest after rolling and sliding for over 500 feet. His flight instructor, David Hall and his friend Kenny Anderson attempted to free Munson, but the plane caught on fire and they were forced to retreat. His last
words were
"Get me out of here! Please get me out!" A sad and powerless cry for help, that in no way reflected the way he lived. He was 32 years old.

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