Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Commish for a day" Challenge

If nothing else, I try to include you guys as much as I can in this silly little blog. I don't want to be the lone voice here all the time, so I try to concoct ways to get you guys involved. Sometimes it's for a good cause like we did with the Charity Challenge. Other times, it's via a good rambling rant emailed to me. So now it's time for another one. This came from the quick, almost scarily instantaneous response I got from FOTB --friend of the blog-- Ron Rollins about what he wants to see changed in baseball.

Here's the topic: You are commission of MLB for one day. You can make one major move. What would you pick and why?

Some suggestions:

  • Eliminate the DH/Expand the DH to the NL
  • Eliminate the Wild Card format
  • Change the arbitration process
  • Eliminate draft pick compensation for Type A/B free agents
  • Increase the # of teams making the post-season
  • Allow for the trading of draft picks
  • Change the amateur draft (no slotting suggestions, include other countries, etc.)
  • Eliminate the "All star game winner determines W.S. home field advantage" gimmick
  • All playoff start times on weekdays are 7:30pm EST
  • Salary cap/floor (remember, must have one with the other)
  • Make mandatory all new stadiums must have retractible roofs; must be entirely team-funded
  • Pick the next commissioner after Selig is gone
  • You cannot: Eliminate any teams; Change the BBWAA rules
Email me your best ideas by Monday Tuesday and I'll run the best of 'em next week. Depending on how many I get, maybe one a day for as many worthwhile ones I get. {email: jnr98 (at) yahoo (dot) com}

If you have your own blog, make sure to provide the URL and any other goodness you want listed (bio, picture, etc.). I can't promise a landslide of hits to your site, but whaddya expect for free?


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Eliminate the DH in the doubt!