Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adios, Sammy

It's a mere formality at this point, but Sammy Sosa is retired. So many thoughts about Sammy (and how could any Sammy discussion not have McGwire along side?)...

  • ...I wish that my boys were born to witness the fun that was 1998
  • ...I wish the fun of 1998 was still appreciable in 2009
  • ...Between the Sosa/McGwire home run derby and the Yanks magnificent season, 1998 was a special one as a fan.
  • ...I loved the hop
  • ...I loved the hand/kiss/chest/sky routine that Sosa did in the dugout after a HR
  • ...I loved the sprint to right field
  • ...I loved how Sosa was the only one to get McGwire to loosen up
  • ...I was so disappointed when Sammy went to an interpreter in Congress
  • ...My older son's first night game (in Section 39 of the bleachers) was a game against the Orioles, with Sosa in RF. The verbal assualts against Sosa were astounding and thankfully, my son, didn't realize what they were saying.
  • ...I am surprised that there has been no smoking gun to implicate Sosa for PEDs; shocking considering how the others have fallen.
  • ...Just as I am disappointed in McGwire's conspicuous silence and absence, I wish Sosa was more forthright
  • ...I didn't/don't buy his explanation for the corked bat
  • ...I think Sosa's comment ("I will calmly wait for my induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Don't I have the numbers to be inducted?") is absurd
  • ...So is this: "It's all about timing and this is not the moment to discuss that topic [drug tests]. ... Perhaps we'll discuss some other time"
  • ...And this might be slightly hypocritical: "Manny's case has been truly hurtful. It hit me but now it's time for Manny to get back on his feet and face the consequences of his actions". Et tu, Sammy?
  • ...I miss the ability to watch a game with wonder, without wondering
  • ...I can't get over how far we've come, or how far we've fallen, in 10 years


Alex K said...

I don't understand why you were disappointed by the interpreter thing. I know he is mostly fluent in English, but he had to go in front of Congress. I would want to be 100% sure what was said/what I'm saying in that situation.

I'm not saying he was right by using an interpreter when we all know he can speak English pretty well. I'm just saying that I understand where he was coming from and I wasn't disappointed.

It should be noted that I LOVE Sammy. I can't be totally rational about him either. I think he should get into the Hall easy.

How could you not smile right along with him when he hit a bomb? How could you not smile when a guy looks so happy playing baseball? And most of all how can you not smile when a guy gets so excited the ball he just hit is going to be a homer that he hops out of the batter's box? I know I wouldn't love baseball quite so much if it weren't for the smiles that Sammy gave me.

ditmars1929 said...

Sosa is a lying, cheating scumbag, plain and simple. Thank God he's out of the game. And I was at that Oriole game, sitting in the RF bleachers too. Sosa deserved everything he heard. But then again, since he's lost his powers of the English language, he probably didn't understand a thing.

JoeOrange31 said...

Did anybody else see that corked bat shatter? Does anybody else believe that Sammy would cheat? C'mon. Nice guys use steroids, creeps use steroids, stars use steroids, fringe guys use steroids. Just like in real life, sometimes you can't tell who the criminal is standing in front of you. Sammy may be a super nice guy, and may garner sympathy votes in HOF voting, but clearly he was willing to cheat. If you are going to vote one in, vote them all in. It's not the "Nice Guy" Hall of fame.

Alex K said...

Joe Orange31- I agree. Everyone that deserves to be in should be in. Bonds was a jerk, but he was the best player I've ever seen he should be in first ballot.

ditmars1929 said...

Alex K, you are either an idiot or very young. Maybe both. Which is it?

Alex K said...

Ditmar1929- Why is that? What have I said that makes you think I'm an idiot or very young? Is it because I'm a Cubs fan and love Sosa? Or is it because I think that people from the steroids era should be in the HOF if they put up the numbers? Is it because in the end I don't really care who used steriods, I just really enjoy baseball? Or is it because you don't agree with me and since you think I'm wrong it makes me an idiot?