Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lunchtime viewing: 1972 All Star Game

Things I am seeing while watching the 1972 All Star Game (in Atlanta) on the MLB Network during lunch, in no particular order:

  • Stirrups, lots and lots of stirrups
  • Incredible Astros unis (not the rainbow ones, though)
  • Bullpen carts
  • Hank Aaron hitting a HR off Gaylord Perry
  • An OF fence that looked shakier than one of those flimsy pressure fences you can install at home to keep pets out of a room
  • Expos
  • Cookie Rojas
  • A rookie Carlton Fisk wearing a Brewers helmet
  • Joe Torre's lambchops
  • Tug McGraw
  • Chicago WhiteSox' uniforms with red
  • Jim Palmer's leg kick
  • Jars of Andro and sacks of greenies (kidding)
  • Gawdawful SD mustard unis
  • Joe Morgan's arm flap before knocking in the winning run in extra innings

Here's the lineups, in case you are wondering.

And ya know what? The players played hard. And the game was only an exhibition.

Oh my, the 1978 game is about to begin....

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