Friday, June 5, 2009

Feeling a draft, MLB-style

The First-Year Player Draft begins June 9 at 6 p.m. ET and lasts 3 days. The MLB Network will cover every mind-numbing minute of it.

Not that I don't love the draft. I LOVE all drafts, any draft, but the players are not there in person and we won't likely see them for years, save a few. Sure, we might see Strasburg if he, Boras and the Nots can somehow agree to a record-setting deal before the deadline. Doubtful, I know.

Because, I 1) focus on the Yanks and 2) I am not a draftnik like Keith Law or Jonathan Mayo, I have to trust the projections and reports. I got an interesting email last night from a trusted source who claims to have "an uber-inside source [on] the Yankees". The source confirms what several mock drafts have projected: the Yanks are hoping to select Cal-Berkley CF Brett Jackson.

My guy mentioned to me: "Yankees sent him to the optometrist today where he tested for 20/10 vision. If Jackson is on the board they are going to take him, but the Yanks are hearing that the Twins, Astros, Nationals, (all ahead of the Yanks are very interested)."

Additionally: The Giants have had him over twice for batting practice in the last week and are considering taking him 6th overall, which many think is a major reach. The Giants indicated there is 1 other player they could take at 6th overall and think its 50/50 he will still be on the board. If that player is gone, they'll take Jackson who they like because he is local and a safe bet to produce. They are talking numbers with his agent.

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