Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rigid denial drives rampant doping

This is a fantastic article about PEDs, their prevalence in sports, etc.

[Trainer Sal] Marinello rejected ‘roids in the 1980s as a college football player and weightlifter, and he criticizes doping today as trainer and writer based in New Jersey. But Marinello concedes the virtual hopelessness to change cultural craving for performance-enhancing substances [PES].

Thus the denial really irks him. “
If guys wanna do it, let them do it, but I always say, ‘Ya know what, don’t tell me you’re doing it naturally,’ ” Marinello says. “Don’t send the message that you’re just like anybody else, especially to kids.”

Don’t tell us you’re a better athlete than somebody else when all you’re doing is taking these drugs to get better. If people wanna [juice], that’s a different argument. Let’s just recognize first that they’re using and what it’s done for them.”

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Mike @ weretheteamtobeat.com said...

that's a great view point on the issue. it's become that the lying is almost as bad as cheating in the first place.

there aren't too many people who still believe that the game is or was clean, so maybe full-disclosure could help the game move on, instead of witch-hunts and the blame-game.