Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sosnick's preparing a binder

Looks like FOTB, agent Matt Sosnick, is starting to build a Boras-like binder (with the requisite pre-hype run-up) for his client, Josh Johnson of the Marlins:

''The way that I think Josh needs to be valued is somewhere between Burnett's contract and Sabathia's contract, and probably closer to Sabathia's,'' Sosnick said Saturday. "Josh is that guy in two years.''

Johnson has emerged as one of the majors' elite pitchers, and he is putting up the kinds of numbers that make the big spenders drool.
As a fan of Sosnick's, I hope that he's right. It'd be great to see.

Of course, Johnson doesn't appear to love the limelight, so it remains to be seen if he'll take less than "big market prices" to remain a bit in the shadows in a smaller market somewhere.
For what it's worth, Johnson said Saturday that he likes pitching for the Marlins. ''In South Florida, you don't get noticed as much, and that's fine with me,'' Johnson said. "That's kind of how I am. I like to stay under the radar.''

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Alex K said...

I just hope Johnson doesn't drop him before his big payday like a certain Texas slugger....