Monday, June 15, 2009

Bloggers becoming MSM

Not exactly a "blogger gets a major MSM gig, quits his job" story, but I thought this was at least worth a mention. Wrong sport and not quite a "blogger", but huge congrats to Mike Florio of

I think the next interesting football-related journalistic battle line might be how many clicks can take away from the field by acquiring Today, NBC will announce it has reached a deal with PFT that will allow the site to exclusively license its content to Mike Florio, the dogged founder and writer for the site, is giving up his day job (lawyering) to devote more time to PFT, so NBC could be getting even more valuable content than PFT has been publishing. The move is effective July 1. PFT's best month had 1.7 million unique visitors to the site; that's going to skyrocket now.
1.7 million visitors in a month? Wow. I've heard/read that it takes roughly 1M hits/month to generate enough ad revenue to quit your day job.

Guessing I will be here for some time.

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