Friday, June 5, 2009

How the other side lives eats

Another FOTB, Jay from FackYouk, had the good fortune of being given a ticket to the Legends seats by a friend and her financial institution (TARP funds at work, baby! Maybe I should call it "TARP fun"). His account of gluttony, luxury and a lack of watching the game despite being up front is an absolute must read.

I worked my way around, hitting up the most carnivorous options, so as to ensure I got my money's worth (or rather, her company's money's worth). She went with the grilled prawns and lobster ravioli and our two other friends sampled even more deliciousness. I caught Johnny Damon's first run homer on one of the many giant flat screens as I was waiting for my suckling pig to be carved.
We just kept ordering, without worrying if it would be eaten. Lobster rolls, zucchini and potato chips with Gorgonzola cheese, crab and shrimp salad, truffle fries, nachos, ice cream sandwiches, cheesecake on a stick. Yeah, cheesecake on a f*cking stick. It was like a Ben & Jerry's Peace Pop, except impossibly, even less healthy. We ordered a few $9 Coronas but I was mostly just drunk off of the food.
Awesome. Especially if you didn't have to buy the tickets (at least directly. Check your next tax bill, by the way)

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Marc said...

If I get the chance to go the a game with Rudy, it will be hard for me to behave and not act the same way!