Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Thanks, Pop, for all the good stuff over the years. You know. The games, lessons, laughs. And all that other stuff, too: from The Eagles, to Old Timer's Day games, to the "Engineers", to Caddyshack, to sledding, to the Stones, to History of The World Part I, to Springsteen, to the Jeep ride home from the Bronx in the rain, to The Hunt For Red October, to CSN (you can still have Y to yourself).

Hope you get to enjoy Father's Day and Grandfather's Day with Marc and the kids. We'll be toasting you from this coast.

To Marc: Keep doin' what you're doin'. Wish I could see it more often.

To Matt: Happy 1st Father's Day. You've learned well and it's fun to watch.

And to my father-in-law, who's done nothing but made me feel like a member of the family since Day 1: thank you. You are a wonderful role model and a great friend.

For the rest of ya: Make sure you call or visit your Dad if you can.

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e-5 said...

HIM remembers the ride from the Bronx as clearly as if it was WAS thanks to you