Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Master of the Obvious: headlines edition

Not sure if the author created this headline or it was done by some editor, but talk about the most obvious, no-duh, headline possible:

Draft Preview: Selection highly important
Ya think? Maybe selection is important for the draft afterall. Now, maybe the Pirates can get back on track after all these years. Living Longer: Breathing highly important

Of course, that doesn't mean some teams are already swathed in hyperbole:
To put the next First-Year Player Draft in perspective from the Mariners' standpoint, Tom McNamara, the organization's new scouting director, said, "This is the most important Draft in the history of the Mariner franchise."
Drafting Junior, ARod, etc. was only kinda/sorta important. Whoever goes in THIS draft...now that's important.


ditmars1929 said...

McCarver's a headline writer now???

tHeMARksMiTh said...

I think the Mariners reference was because they have like 4 picks in the first 40 or something ridiculous like that. Still hyperbole? Yes, but if they draft for Juniors and A-Rod's, you'll change your tune mister.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Of course it's the most important, RIGHT NOW, but the headline made me laugh. I'm simple that way.

It's not a mock on the content.