Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More beer for your money

I just love that someone did this analysis to answer this question: Should I get a Plastic Beer Bottle or the Souvenir Cup? I'll give you the conclusion here, but there's a also "volume analysis" (see picture to the right).

Based on the assumption of a average of 20 ounces in the Souvenir cup (taking head and spillage into account) and the fact you keep the cup, the Yankees Souvenir Cup is the better buy for your money as it costs $1.00 extra and provides a possible 4 - 8 extra ounces of beer.

From a convenience point of view the plastic beer bottle is the better buy. You do not need to leave your seat or run a risk of spilling any beer in transit. You do not need to carry a cup around when you are done or take gamble as to the actual amount of beer you are paying for.

There's also a wonderful list of "Things You'll Need", which includes:
  1. Ticket to Yankee Stadium
  2. 21 + Years Alive
  3. Money
  4. Want For Beer

I think I can satisfy all of the above, minus the ticket. Anyone got tickets?

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