Thursday, June 4, 2009

Days suspended: Padilla, 0; Burnett, 6

Is it me, or this totally out of whack?

Both benches were warned Tuesday after Burnett knocked Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz to the ground with a fastball in the fifth inning -- one inning after Rangers starter Vicente Padilla hit Mark Teixeira for the second time in the game.
Padilla was not suspended for his role in Tuesday's game, but was fined an undisclosed amount.

That's interesting," Burnett said of the discrepancy. "But that's their decision."
That Padilla was place on waivers afterwards is immaterial. He should have been suspended, too.


Anonymous said...

Padilla hits Tex in the arm and butt.
Burnett went head hunting he was lucky to get off with missing only 1 start.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Padilla did that with intent, and that's what MLB looks for. He still hit Teix 2x.

Will Moller said...
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Will Moller said...

Beckett chucked at Reuu's face, and Bob Watson reduced his suspension to 4 games (effectively no suspension).

But then, Watson has historically been very rough on Yankees, moreso than other teams. Might be some bitterness from his time as GM.

Color me skeptical that the two situations get handled similarly.

Will Moller said...

Above should be "Abreu" not "Reuu"

the dude said...

Ya Padilla should have gotten suspended too, his catcher didnt even have his back, neither did his teammates. It was obvious intent. But Burnett shouldnt have thrown at the head. Hit em in the leg or back. They both should get 6

Ron Rollins said...

Why should any of them get suspended? It's all a joke anyhow.

The real problem is not the pitchers plunking a batter. That's been happening since the first game.

The problem is the umpires letting the hitters getting away with whatever they want, and pitchers trying to gain an edge.

However, if the umpire didn't see fit to eject Padilla, then they didn't see intent. Watson needs to stay out of it.

And no, I don't advocate throwing at a guys head. That's a different situation. But getting hit in the butt? Is Texiera that much of a wussy that he has to have his mommy (Watson) protect him? Because it sounds like Texiera sent a message about things when he broke up the double play.

Let the players police themselves, except for the headhunters. It's worked for 134 years of professional baseball. It will still work today.