Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MLB's rule on suspended players

Just in case anyone was still curious about MLB's rule regarding suspended players appearing in the All Star Game (emphasis mine):

H. Suspensions
1. For purposes of this Section 8, a "game" shall include all championship season games, the All-Star Game and post-season games in which the Player would have been eligible to play, but shall not include spring training games. For a Player whose contract has been assigned to the Minor Leagues, a "game" shall include all Minor League regular season games for which he would have been eligible to play. A Player shall be deemed to have been eligible to play in the All-Star Game if he was elected or selected to play; the Commissioner’s Office shall not exclude a Player from eligibility for election or selection because he is suspended under the Program.
I have added this silly, insane, ludicrous clause to the lefthand column as a permanent (until it's changed) tribute of this stupidity. Integrity is seemingly negotiable to MLB, but not a dollar.

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Anonymous said...

You can't measure integrity, but you can measure dollars.