Friday, June 5, 2009

More Sterling bashing

This time, at the sword of Bob Raissman:

Sterling's chops are still there, his condescending delivery still tinged with pomposity. Yet now, something is different. Sterling sounds constantly befuddled (and that's being polite). There are strange, hard to explain, lapses in memory. When he begins a home run call you hold your breath wondering how - and where - it will end.
The offensive - and ridiculous - nature (You think Bombers brass got any complaints?) of Sterling's play-by-play here is apparent. Nonetheless, what was going through Sterling's mind when he segued into his moronic Rodriguez HR call as Matsui circled the bases? Then again, only Sterling, or Kim Jong-il, would invoke a weapon of mass destruction for self-aggrandizing purposes.
So how on Earth does Sterling stay so comfortably seated atop the broadcast?
Sterling has also aligned himself with the powers inside the organization, such as Lonn Trost (on the air Sterling once referred to him as "the titular head of the franchise"), who have final say over all broadcast matters. The honchos put a low priority on broadcast quality and are not easily embarrassed.
Well, that explains a lot, doesn't it? You'd figure that after the luxury seat snafus, Sterling's excessive calls, the pricing, the blocked-views in the bleachers, the links to organized crime, the Stadium Ops errors, the HR's, the moat, the access during BP, the gluttony --and that's just THIS season's "stuff"-- that Yanks leadership just might be concerned with their image. Guess again.

Now shut up and buy more stuff, and thanks for watching and listening.

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