Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jump Steady with Garry Templeton

As one who has sought out former players (and managers), I always love a recent look into their goings-on. Josh from Jorge Says No! did just that, getting some time with Garry "Jumpsteady" Templeton, the current manager of the Long Beach Armada of the Golden League.

Jorge Says No!: And how about the other guys on the team, do you think they're still playing hoping to latch on with an organization or are they playing for the love of the game?

Garry Templeton: Well, my team is pretty young. I think the average age on the team is right around 25. I find a bunch of guys that you know just got out of A ball and I found some that have been released from AA. So I still have a team full of guys that could go back and sign with a organization and have an opportunity. As a matter of fact, I got a couple of guys that organizations could look at and I feel that they could go back and pitch for them. So my team is fairly young, I don't have a lot of the older guys. I got Irabu and Lima and everyone else is right around the 25 mark.
Irabu AND Lima?!?! Party on.

Nice work, Josh!

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