Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Climbing the summit of HGH

Buried within this article about the Mets shopping the trade market for a closer that than pay thru the nose for K-Rod, we get this:

Major League Baseball will hold an "HGH summit" on Monday, Nov. 10, at UCLA. Chaired by UCLA doctor Gary Green, who works with MLB, the summit will feature a discussion on what must be done in order to add human growth hormone to routine sports drug testing.

Of course, by the time baseball and other sports test for HGH, the athletes will be on to some new drug. But there's little harm in mounting a public-relations front.
More to come on this as I am totally on-board with storing blood/urine samples until reliable HGH tests are available, whenever that might be. Put the fear into these guys.

From MLB.com:
The world's leading anti-doping experts and scholars will convene in Beverly Hills, California for the summit and will be chaired by Dr. Gary Green, Clinical Professor in the Division of Sports Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and Major League Baseball's consultant on Performance Enhancing Drugs. Entitled "Growth Hormone: Barriers to Implementation of hGH Testing in Sports," the summit will attempt to identify the scientific, medical, legal and ethical issues that must be addressed before Human Growth Hormone testing can be considered a routine part of sports drug testing.

Said my main man, Bud Selig:
"After the Mitchell report, one of my main goals was to bring together the leading anti-doping experts for an hGH summit," said Commissioner Selig. "The effective regulation of hGH remains one of the foremost challenges for anti-doping efforts in all sports. This summit is a significant step forward, and Major League Baseball is pleased that Dr. Green, one of the foremost experts in the field, will head this initiative."
We'll see. I am really interested to see what sort of proactive stance they take.

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