Monday, October 20, 2008

Peavy not diggin' NY

OK, Peavy doesn't love NY. He'd rather bat. Yawn. Just tell me when he agrees to waive his NTC, otherwise, I will assume that NY is still a player in this chessmatch.

"Jake strongly prefers the National League, and it would take major enticement to get him to agree to go to any American League club," [agent Barry] Axelrod e-mailed. "He has obviously had a lot of success in the NL and feels very comfortable there. Also, he is a pretty good hitter, and he views that as an advantage."
Since when have the Yanks been reluctant to add a major enticement? I'll believe the Yanks are out of this drama only when the news crosses the wire that Peavy has been dealt somewhere out. You just can't count out the richest guy in the room flashing his wallet when he wants something.

What would Peavy want? Another year guaranteed? CHECK. Special suites on the road? CHECK. Flying home on off-days? CHECK. Pinch hit during blow-outs when you're not pitching? Sure, why not!

Maybe I am crazy, but it seems that those who fear the NYC have something to hide. If you have the skills, there's no bigger stage on which to perform. If he was a singer playing to nice quiet, mid-sized crowds in Balboa Park and was offered to come play Carnegie Hall, only someone who doubts their abilities would balk at such a chance. Perhaps that's just me, but if you're among the best, why not take the chance to steer yourself to a team that you know will be at least competitive, if not better, for the next decade? Perhaps that means going to the Red Sox not the Yanks, but why the fear of the AL? And don't hide behind the "I am a good hitter. I want to bat" crap. I don't buy it for a second.

Sorry for the NYC-bias.

UPDATE (10/21/08, 9:41am): Update courtesy of Buster:
There may be other considerations, as well, Axelrod said, without elaborating. But Peavy certainly would have the leverage to extract more guaranteed money from his next team. Players in a similar situation as he is in have asked that a contractual option be exercised in return for waiving a no-trade clause, and Peavy has a $22 million option for 2013, with a $4 million buyout; he could just ask for more money in the buyout.

Another factor for Peavy to consider, Axelrod said, is what other types of moves the Padres make in the weeks ahead -- what moves are made to improve the team, or if there are more cutbacks. No matter what he ultimately decides that he wants, Peavy will hold the hammer that could break apart the trade talks.
Yet again, I assert that if the only thing separating Peavy from the AL is monetary concessions, that's not a hurdle that can't be cleared. If more money is all Peavy is looking for --in the way of guarantees, additional years, etc.-- then the Yanks will meet his demands.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

Because Yankee fans always understand things that are out of the player's control like injuries ... Actually, I mostly agree with you. I don't think the NTC will hamper the Yankees or Peavy accepting a trade to New York. I think he'd prefer to play in the NL, but I don't think he'd say no to an AL team. The three AL teams that would try to get him (NYY, BOS, and LAA) are some of the biggest payrolls in the majors, and Peavy's stance might be just to get a little extra dough from teams who have it. I'm not sure an ATL, LAD, or STL could really afford it.

Jason @ IIATMS said...


If extra cash is all he's looking for, then why is he ruling out the AL trio?

Yanks fans are not always rational, but what group of passionate fans ever are?

I wonder if the Yanks will get a chance to chat with Peavy if they could come up with a deal acceptable to the Padres. Not sure if that would be OK, thought guessing if the Pads approve it, it'd be OK. Maybe they tell him that they will go after CC, too.

Brendan said...

Cultural differences? Peavey's from the South (explains why he would want to go to ATL) and I believe he's from a pretty small town. I can understand not wanting to live in the biggest city for half a year, for reasons that have nothing to do with baseball.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

I don't know that he really is ruling them out. Agents say things all the time that aren't true.

As for Yankees fans, that was more of a joke.

I'm sure if they get to the chatting stage, the Yankees will have a new starting pitcher.