Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peavy talks warming up

Starting to simmer is more like it:

The San Diego Padres have begun to exchange names with teams interested in All-Star pitcher Jake Peavy, in what appears to be an aggressive effort to maximize return on the right-hander, who is signed to a contract that keeps him under a team's control through 2013. And increasingly, it seems that team won't be the Padres.
If AL teams get involved, the Yankees might be a fit, although New York GM Brian Cashman has made it clear in the past that he wants to adhere to a path of player development. That stance could change if the Yankees have changed their internal evaluations of young players who struggled in 2008, such as Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy and Melky Cabrera.

Multiple sources consider it likely the Padres will deal Peavy in the weeks ahead, and that is a virtual certainty that he will be traded before the July 31 deadline next season. The Padres are seeking at least two young pitchers in return, along with someone who can become the team's everyday center fielder sometime in the immediate to near future.

Last year, the Twins found that the market for Johan Santana to be relatively lukewarm, primarily because Santana was in line to become a free agent after the 2008 season and teams like the Red Sox and Yankees were leery of absorbing the double-barreled cost of the prospects and a big-money, long-term contract. But in Peavy's case, he is under contract for the next four seasons, meaning that the Braves or the Dodgers or some other team would be assured of cost certainty.

There's a bunch more on all the other likely landing spots so I'd go check out the source article from Buster. Otherwise, I'd be blockquoting the whole thing....

I still think that if Hank finds out he can get Peavy for Melky, Hughes and another part or two, he'll really hold Cashman's hands to the fire to get it done.


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