Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Red Sox way

While wolfing down lunch, I managed to sneak a peek at Buster's latest and I think he's captures the Red Sox dynamic very well (And yes, that picture to the above right is the Head of the Charles race in Boston, fittingly):

The Red Sox have enormous resources, for sure, but let the record show that in what was essentially a must-win game against the Angels -- Boston did not want to go to Anaheim for a Game 5 -- their anchor was Lester, home-grown, and the winning pitcher was the home-grown Manny Delcarmen, and the winning hit came from the home-grown Lowrie. And if anybody still wonders why Yankees general manager Brian Cashman made a desperate plea to ownership to rebuild the farm system three years ago, and remains intent on doing so going into the future, now that he has a new three-year deal in hand, well, you weren't watching the Boston win on Monday night. The Red Sox are at a place where the Yankees are trying to get back to, in player development and crew-team mentality, with all hands rowing together.

I sure hope Hank & Hal read Buster's work or at least have the wherewithal to "get it" as a strategy. Well, I am fairly certain Hal does, but I have less faith in Hank.

So, what you have here is one staunch Yanks fan looking northward to Boston, hoping the leadership of his favorite team has the vision and fortitude to do the same as a guidepost on how to do things in the game today. It's tough to watch the Sox win, but for me, to watch the WAY they win is not dissimilar to the way the Yanks were winning a decade ago. Mixtures of youth (Lowrie, Pedroia, Papelbon, Lester, Ellsbury, etc.) and strategic veterans acquired through trades (Bay, Kotsay, Lowell, Beckett), with a sprinkling of higher end free agents (Dice K). It creates a watchable blend of guys fighting together, playing hard and playing for each other.

Doesn't make me happy, as a Yanks fan, but you have to respect the success and culture created. I can only wistfully wonder what would this Red Sox team/organization look like if they hadn't made the miracle comeback of 2004. What if the Yanks closed them out in 4? Would they be right where they are now anyways, or would they be somewhere else? Would Theo be in charge?
The mind wanders...


Speaking of Hank (and maybe Hal, too, I just don't know about him yet), I immediately thought of him while reading this political article*** as part of my education process:
Both were born into positions of privilege against which they rebelled into mediocrity.

*** I am in no way endorsing EITHER candidate so keep the political chatter to a hush, please!

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