Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So what happens after the season ends?

Well, blogger/buddy Paul DePodesta of the Padres gives you a small taste of the mindset of a front office exec in his latest entry. Naturally, I added a ton of questions via the comments section (which are moderated, meaning Paul only allows those which he wants or are acceptable to him; unlike here where anything goes!). Thankfully, he allowed my comments to go thru. I hope he answers them, which he's done with others via comments. I'll check back and provide an update if there is one.

My "questions" to Paul:
Jason @ IIATMS said...

Being a senior member of the team, do you guys set up a war-room for free agents? How do you prioritize and then plot your strategy? Are the scouts deployed to the various leagues already in action? How often do they report in?

Do you get involved in the marketing/community affairs stuff?

What about the things that don't directly impact the players, such as stadium issues/upgrades? Do you get into that minutae or do you stick strictly to the "talent" side of the operations?

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