Friday, October 17, 2008

Joba to start

Yes, there are risks about his shoulder, but with proper physical therapy and training this off-season, there is no reason why Joba can't be a starter from 2009 forward. In fact, this is the only logical solution.

"The plan as of right now is Chamberlain is going to be a starter," the Yankees co-chairman said Thursday after five hours of organizational meetings at the team's spring training complex. "Everybody's pretty much in agreement with that."
Including all the piss-ants?


Anonymous said...

Joba has a great future, but not starting. The Yankees are thinking starting pitchers and they should, but MO is already in his late 30's he only has a few years left in him. How about getting Joba to assume the closer role? I mean you need to start and finish a game and unless you are C.C. or Santana which have the possibility of throwing a CG every 4 or 5 days you need a closer. The Phillies this year are 86-0 when leading after 8 innings.

Jason @ IIATMS said...


Hey, I think Joba might make a dynamite closer at some point, but with 2-3 more years of Mo in the 9th, we should at least SEE if Joba can be a healthy and consistent stud starter. I just think it's harder to find that #1 starter than it is to find a sure thing closer.