Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Hank is a highly entertaining fraud"

Ken Davidoff of Newsday does a solid job laying out the muddled mess above Cashman these days. Notably:

2. Hank Steinbrenner.
The "advisory-board" comments -- there will be no advisory board, Cashman confirmed Wednesday -- provide further proof that Hank is a highly entertaining fraud. As long as he's got his last name, however, Hank won't be ignored altogether.
Lends a bit more credence to my thought that the only way Cashman was returning would be if his working relationship with Hal was very strong and that Hal was wresting a larger role from his big (baffoon) brother. Seems to be true, though there are four guys above Cashman and who know who really is calling what shots.

Cashman had this to say about speaking as a uniform and united front:
"I'm confident in the fact that we all know we need to speak with the same voice ... I'm not going to be caught off guard as I move forward because I know."

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dinologic (Dean D) said...

This has actually been my assessment all along. I didn't really think Hank was causing any real trouble. Cashman wasn't "ordered" to trade the kids the way George would have back in the 80s. Hank likes the spotlight and honestly, I DO find him entertaining so every time he talks, I just have to laugh. So long as he's not undermining or handcuffing Cash, then he can say all of the stupid things he wants.