Friday, October 17, 2008

Shocking but not surprising

As hard as it is for me to watch, you just have to be impressed with the way the Sox clawed back from certain death last night. If this was in a movie, you'd laugh it off as improbable. If this was a soap opera, the scene would have been the doctor removing the tube on the patient, the priest administering last rights and then having the patient sit up and ask what's all the fuss about.

With the Sox, it's no longer surprising, but it's still shocking. I remember back to the early phases of the Yanks run in the mid-90's; there was always a sense of calm, a feeling that the team not only could come back, but would. The Sox have that same mojo right now. That's the element of experience that can't be taught. Sox fans, enjoy this win and enjoy this team. It's hard not to be impressed, even as a Yanks fan.

I think Maddon has the right mindset, of course, but the Rays better come out guns a'blazing in Game 6 or that momemtum shift will be real and hard to turn back.
“Of course we’re upset, of course, we don’t like losing that game, of course,” Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon said. “But to dwell on it does no good whatsoever. We’ll lose heart for about a half hour or so, get on that plane, go home and then we’ll come back out for Game 6, and roll it out there again.”
Go Rays!

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