Thursday, October 2, 2008

Manny hating on Boston

Boy, sure wish this guy had the benefit of some perspective.

"Baseball in Boston is like a Sunday football game, but played every day. We lose in LA, I go to breakfast and people say, 'Well, you'll get them tomorrow.' In Boston, it's 'Hey, what's going on, the Yankees are coming.' It's just a different atmosphere. The fans in Boston got your back no matter what, but I'm talking about the people who write all this bull because it means so much to them. If your happiness depends on Boston winning or losing, you have to get a life."

I'm not a Boston fan --OBVIOUSLY-- but I sure do respect their fan base and organization. To slam the fans because they care too much strikes me as pathetic. "Fan" comes from the word "fanatic" and that's what Boston has.

Enjoy LA and their lower stress attitude. I'm sure there are some real die hard Dodgers fans out there, don't send hate mail if you're one, but generally speaking, their easier than Boston (or NY or certainly Philly).


Mark said...

You respect their fan base? Wow, so that means you've done away with the "F*uck Boston" tag?

Oops, nope. :-)

Jason @ IIATMS said...

I can respect them but still not LIKE the team!!!

Besides, the tag's there and I am a creature of habit.

Mark said...


As for Manny, I'm hoping he signs that alleged extension they're working on, and then enjoys many years of low-80s-wins Dodger teams, away from all those annoying fans who, you know, care.

I'll take Bay. I'm quite happy with the trade.

Jason @ IIATMS said...


I hear ya and I'd be quite happy, too. Bay's a nice player, under contract for 2009 and probably will re-sign there for a reasonable amount. Younger, more athletic, etc.

I win/win for you guys.

Let Manny think Chavez Ravine is a hitter's haven. He'll realize it soon enough. He'll love playing lots of games in Petco, too.

Rory said...

If you actually read the comment he gives respect to the fans. He is critical of the Boston media which is largely overblown and controlled by the Red Sox.

Besides, I'm hoping he'll be wearing NY Pinstripes next year.

Red Sox Fan said...

That is just manny being manny, he has a carefree attitude and the Boston fans are diehard sports, it's amazing to me he lasted so long in Boston, no doubt he is one of the great hitters of all time but when your heart is not into the team you are playing for then it is a bad situation, the trade was a win win for both the red sox and dodgers.