Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not-so-good seats available!

They might not have a clean line of sight, or some of the things you might normally expect a seat to have, but they will be available for the rest of the Rays home games! (emphasis mine)

The upper-deck seats were covered in part because they're not exactly the best seats in the house. Tropicana Field's infamous catwalks block the view of the field for a number of those seats.

"Some are obstructed-view, some don't have seatbacks, and they're pretty high up," [Rays president Matt] Silverman said, according to the Tribune. "But you're in the ballpark and you're there making a difference to the team."
No seatbacks?!? Awesome. Did they just conveniently forget to install them or was it a conscious cost-cutting decision? "Hey, we'll only use them when we make the World Series {giggle, giggle, chuckle, chuckle}...who's gonna ever know?"

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Mark said...

That's...odd. Since when do sports team owners care about the quality of the experience for the fans? Aren't they all about the bux?

Anyway, that's interesting. I'd just assumed they couldn't sell out a playoff game, like their formerly great NL neighbors far to the north.

"We have a baseball team? Really? Huh. Um, don't they, you know, suck?"