Thursday, October 23, 2008

Long on dollars, short on years

So the Dodgers have bought into Manny Being Manny. OK, I can understand why. When you only see one side --an incredible, glorious, breath-taking side-- you are willing to dismiss the bad stuff other people are telling you. And then there's the chatter that they are willing to get close to the annual dollars being paid to ARod:

One person who's spoken to Dodgers people suggested that the team is considering proposing a contract that may come close to matching Alex Rodriguez's record $27.5-million average annual salary but on a much shorter term, perhaps only two years. That person hinted he could see the Dodgers even exceeding A-Rod's salary, as long as the length of the deal was to their liking.
Is it me, or is this starting to feel a bit like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction? Manny started off as an incredible fling. He was a god-send, better than anyone could have hoped for the Dodgers. But at some point, won't he be fighting you with knives (or threats of sitting due to a bad left, errrr right, um left, knee)?

Pardon my Bill Simmons-esque take on this but to borrow one of his favorite phrases, this can't end well, can it?


Mark said...

He'll boil their bunny. No question about that. But it'll be a great ride until that happens.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

well played, Mark!

Mark said...

Thanks, I'm here all week.