Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A fast no is better than a slow maybe

Some time ago, the vice-chairman of the about-to-implode investment firm for which I worked dropped this pearl of wisdom on my ambitious-yet-utterly-clueless head: "A fast no is better than a slow maybe". If nothing else, this has stuck with me. It's been a great lesson. I've seen corporations who seem to love the slow maybe's, too indecisive to make a decision or take a stand. It follows the "Occasionally wrong, never in doubt" philosophy which implores leaders to be decisive. But how does this apply here? Glad you asked.

Just as Sabathia will be seeking to come to some resolution quickly about where he will play in 2009 and beyond, it seems that Burnett would like to follow that same path:

With CC Sabathia expected to land in California, A.J. Burnett will have the rest of the country to pick from. Burnett is expected to opt out of the final two years and $24 million with the Blue Jays.

And like Sabathia, Burnett doesn't want to be shoveling snow in Maryland without knowing where he will pitch in 2009.

And remember about Sabathia's comments:

"I want to get it done pretty quick. I try to be as less free as possible," Sabathia said. "All that is is stress, having it drag on through the winter. We'll see what happens."

One thing is for certain, though. His plans will revolve solely around his family.

"I can guarantee you I won't be flying around going to different cities," Sabathia said. "I've pretty much been to every city. I've got a lot of friends around the league. They're going to have to come to me."

These two (likely) free agents will shape the market. Good for the Hot Stove enthusiasts that they will want to kick this off quickly, likely right after the World Series. Hold onto your seats, folks, it's gonna be a fun ride!

Oh yeah, speaking of slow maybe's, we have this to look forward to:

Curt Schilling is considering coming back next year -- for half the season.
"I won't come back for a full season, that much I know. If I do decide to come back I would work to the point I was ready and somewhere around May 1 let the teams know I wanted to pitch the second half," he said.
Love the slow maybe, Curt. Fitting somehow. Like a glove. Although, in the interests of fairness, the Yanks have their own slow maybe on their hands (if not two):
Reached Monday at his home in Montoursville, Pa., Mussina told the Daily News that he is still undecided when it comes to playing next season.

Who know's what Pettitte (or the Yanks) are thinking, either.


So to all you young guys out there, as you eventually look to find Miss Right (or even Miss Right Now), that same axiom holds: a fast no is better than a slow maybe. Trust me.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

I'd be nicer to Mussina and Pettite. The season just ended, and you can't expect that they'll make up their minds now. It won't matter for at least another month anyway when free-agency starts.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Awww, I wasn't nice enough? :)

I'd give Moose as much time as he wants and make every other deal that I was planning on making. If he wants back, I'd make room. I've said multiple times that I think a 2/$20M offer for Moose would be solid. He keeps himself in great shape, seems to have turned the corner with regards to being "prickly", seemingly having more fun this year. And he seems like an extra pitching coach on the roster.

Pettitte, well, I am a bit more concerned about. Something just didn't look "right" with him. Is his elbow really messed up? Was he hiding the pain? He's a different sorta bird so maybe he is content with packing up and going home. If that's what he chooses, so be it. I'll forever be a fan of his no matter what what it turns out.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

I agree on both counts. Mussina is well-worth bringing back. Pettite I don't believe in so much, but if everything else falls through, he's not a bad 4 or 5.