Sunday, October 5, 2008

Take a number

The line to offer your best MLB-ready players and other cheap/controllable prospects starts here.

If Jake Peavy does indeed become trade bait in San Diego, watch the line form out the door for his services. Peavy, 27, is precisely the type of pitcher the Red Sox covet. And considering the close relationship between GMs Theo Epstein and Kevin Towers, don't rule out the Sox. The Padres would want a Dan Haren-type deal, and the Sox have the chips to do it.
Every team that has the wherewithal to pay Peavy's salary, offer a bounty of their farm system and can convince Peavy to waive his NTC will be on this line. I suspect the Yanks to be among the most aggressive (read: desperate).

(thanks to themarksmith for the tip!)

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