Thursday, October 30, 2008

What would you have done?

Let me quickly set the stage: A college buddy of mine lives in Philly. He and his 8 year old son are huge Phillies fans. He went to the game on Monday, much to the dismay of his son. So he had his ticket stub to return last night, with a chance to see his team clinch the World Series, at the home ballpark. Would you have gone, leaving your son disappointed that you weren't there to watch it with him... or would you stay home to have him sit by your side to celebrate together but miss the rush of seeing it live and the partying that goes on after?

My buddy's answer: "I gave my ticket up to watch it at home with Noah. Before I left for the game on Monday he was very sad we were not watching together. I definitely made the right decision."

Nice call.

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