Friday, June 26, 2009

IIATMS: Changes coming


It's been a wonderful year and a half for me. I started this blog with a goal of having ten of you become regular readers, not knowing if I'd be able to achieve this goal. Being neither classically trained as a writer nor sure of what I wanted this blog to be, I just sort of started it right after Christmas 2007. The one thing I knew I didn't want is to be "yet another Yanks blog". I hope I have achieved this.

Since that time, the blog has ebbed and flowed, gaining a group of wonderfully loyal, fun-loving, probing followers. Many of you are staunch anti-Yanks fans. I love this. You guys keep me honest and push me forward.

I've also done pretty much all I can handle with the look and layout here. But I've gotten bored and I have been contemplating a total redesign for quite some time. Rather than doing this by myself (where I am clearly shorthanded), I decided to join an newer, emerging blog network. This change will happen early next week, likely on/by Wednesday, July 1st.

So what's going to change? As I see it:

  • You'll have to change your bookmarks and feeds as I'll have my own independent URL
  • You'll have to get used to a new look. So will I, but I think I like it, even know there are still many boxes to be unpacked.
  • I've been able to import my entire archive, though I will keep this site up and running, just no longer posting to it.
  • You'll likely see a handful of ads on the new site. I hope this isn't too distracting. Please click on them, too! It's about the money, afterall.
Other than that, it's just a way for me to refresh myself so not to get too stale.

So that's the news du jour for me. I'll let you know when the new site goes live. In the meantime, I suggest you play poker.

Thanks again for your loyalty,


Ron Rollins said...

Congratulations. You're headed for the big time.

When you're up in the penthouse, don't forget all of us little bloggrs down in the outhouse.

I mean, our mother's basements.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

It's not bigtime. Just a move.

I'm not a fixer-upper. I just moved into a "move-in condition" new place.

tadthebad said...

Best wishes with the new format. I'm sure the content will continue to be excellent.

JE said...

Mazel tov, dude, although I hope the "improved" technology does not drive us to drink (heavily).

Mark said...

You *are* going to tell us all where to go, right?

Mark said...

Wait. I think I phrased that badly...

lar said...

Congrats, Jason. Can't wait to see the new site. Best of luck with it all.

Sara K said...

An 'emerging blog network'... out of curiosity, does the new network have a set of editorial standards for its members?

CW said...

Congratulations, keep us informed on the new "digs."

jorgesaysno said...