Monday, June 29, 2009

Off Topic: Madoff gets 150 years

You don't come here for this sort of news, but I mention it only because a colleague had a good reaction to hearing of the sentencing:

"They should take away every penny he has and just release him. Let's see how long he survives."
That's both twisted and brilliant. Can't you see the courtroom doors swinging open, Madoff standing next to the bailiff who has a stopwatch handy?

"OK, Bernie... you're free to go. And...GO!"

Back to baseball.

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ditmars1929 said...

Ha, that is funny.

One of my favorite books, which is pretty obscure, has this scene where a man is banished from the territory for trying to assassinate the territory's leader, who is an absolute dictator.

The dictator, to set an example, has the guy stripped naked and kicked out. He then has his minions post pictures of the guy all over the place and saying that if anyone offers him assistance of any kind, then they will be executed immediately.

Now that would be truly appropriate for Mr. Madoff.