Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday fun: Mickey Mantle

With a tip of the cap to my Pop, some fun stuff about Mickey Mantle, his hero, inspired by Billy Crystal's at bat yesterday.

1. 734 ft. – 5/22/63, vs. Kansas City, at Yankee Stadium, Pitcher: Bill Fischer
2. 660 ft. – 3/26/51, vs. USC, at Bovard Field, USC, Pitcher: Unknown
3. 650 ft. – 6/11/53, vs. Detroit, at Briggs Stadium, Pitcher: Art Houteman
4. 643 ft. – 9/10/60, vs. Detroit, at Tiger Stadium, Pitcher: Paul Foytack
5. 630 ft. – 9/13/53, vs. Detroit, at Yankee Stadium, Pitcher: Billy Hoeft
6. 620 ft. – 5/30/56, vs. Washington, at Yankee Stadium, Pitcher: Pedro Ramos
7. 565 ft. – 4/17/53, vs. Washington, at Griffith Stadium, Pitcher: Chuck Stobbs
8. 550 ft. – 6/05/55, vs. Chi. White Sox, at Comiskey Park, Pitcher: Billy Pierce
9. 535 ft. – 7/06/53, vs. Philadelphia A's, at Connie Mack Stadium, Pitcher: Frank Fanovich
10. 530 ft. – 4/24/53, vs. St. Louis Browns, at Busch Stadium, Pitcher: Bob Cain

I'll also try putting a picture of a great letter/response below (off-color warning):

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E-5 said...

I was there for #1 and #6. Although I didn't put the tape on it, the only ball I have ever seen hit further was in Yankee BP in the early 60's and Mantle hitting righty hit one off the back wall in the back of the left center field bleechers; the sign in left center I believe was 461 so you figure it out...Pop