Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happily lousy

[With all apologies, I've been unable to post as often due to work warming up. I've got busy season creeping up on me but I'll do my best to get stuff up here as often as possible.]


Now, we all know the Bonds-less San Francisco Giants will be bad this year, possible historically bad. We also have heard the numerous stories coming out of their Spring Training about how much happier, loose, relaxed, etc., the lockerroom is without His Barry-tude casting a shadow.

Except this team is really, REALLY bad. To wit: Zito, Giants beaten by Triple-A Fresno

One of the squads appeared set for Opening Day, and it wasn't the Giants, who lost to Fresno 4-3.

In his final appearance before he starts the opener against the Dodgers, Barry Zito allowed four runs (three earned) over 6-2/3 innings against a Grizzlies lineup in which Nate Schierholtz was the Big Man On Campus, with 112 big-league at-bats. For the spring, Zito gave up 24 earned runs in 25 innings.
The Giants started their regulars and had them all get 3 AB's and yet they still couldn't muster more than 3 runs against a Triple AAA team.

Fantasy note: Downgrade Cain & Lincecum

This is gonna get ugly, folks.

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